Turkey Vacations – Planning a Unique Experience from Start to Finish

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Turkey Vacations – Planning a Unique Experience from Start to Finish

Turkey vacations are exotic journeys to the land beyond the Mediterranean. Full-fledged ventures into the space of a different culture, Turkey tourism has been a temptation hard to resist for us all. Travellers and tourists alike, be they professionals or amateurs, love to revel in the mystery of this borderland country. We’re here to tell you all about planning a journey to this beautiful land. We’re going to cover all of the things you need to know before embarking on this wild ride!


The white star and crescent – long-standing symbols of the Turkish country and its people.

At the meeting of two continents, the realm of Turkey stands as a bazaar mingling of European mindsets and Asian mysticism, of olden day customs, and modern day technology. Its incredible attractions stand testimony to this mix. Be it that you choose to go to Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya, or the Turkish Mediterranean coast, you should know all of the ins and outs of travelling to this amazing land.

So, we’re going to tell you all about your dream vacation to this faraway land. Showing you how you need to prepare for this trip, we’re highlighting ways to find the best deal, what possible scams you need to avoid, and how to make the best out of your stay once you get there. Here’s our complete guide to planning Turkey vacations from start to finish!

Finding the Best Deals & Companions

The first step of your plan to visit Turkey must be finding out what you actually want to do. In order to successfully accomplish this, you’ll have to do a bit of research. There are a lot of people on the internet bragging about what you can do in Turkey. As it comes naturally with the internet, there’s also a great lot of contradictory information. So let’s clear things up!

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Researching Destinations & Offers - What to Look out for

We’re going to go about this in a very methodical way. To ensure that you have everything in check before you set off on your wild adventure, you should simply follow all of these steps in this exact order. A basic vacation can be spoiled by the smallest of details. That’s especially true when you set yourself on a journey to a wholly different, far-off land such as Turkey.

So, here are the basic stages of finding a destination, looking for the offers available, and planning your trip:

  • Think of what you want to do. Are you planning on taking a gulet trip to the sea? Maybe you want to sit on the beach all day and do nothing or immerse yourself in the culture of the places you visit by checking out all the attractions. What will it be? Whatever it is, think about it even before you decide on the actual cities that you're going to visit.
  • Decide on the cities you want to visit. Everybody thinks of Istanbul when they think of Turkey. However, that's just one of the place you should visit. If you want to see the cultural aspect of the Turkish land, Istanbul is the place to go. If you plan on sitting on a beach, Antalya may be the one for you. A luxury gulet trip across the Aegean Sea may also prove to be great, in which case you need to go to Bodrum harbour.
  • Think of when you want to go. Going mid-season has fewer advantages than going off-season, try booking a place with fewer tourists for your Turkey vacations. Look for advice from website such as TripAdvisor.
  • Research the travel possibilities. To plan off Turkey vacations, one must start with the flight by which to travel to Turkey. Most major cities with an airport have direct flights to Turkey. The problem here is choosing the appropriate company. How much money are you willing to spend on plane tickets? Choosing a low-cost but reliable company may prove to be better in the long run: more money for souvenirs! 
  • Research the hotel options. Are you aiming for a luxury stay or would you be satisfied with a more basic suite in order to have more cash to spend? Either way, you should look for your hotel weeks in advance, book your suite, pay an earnest, and arrange any other details with the hotel staff.

Look out for hotel that are advertised on the internet. You may have unpleasant surprise in the hotels actual look. Ask online users if the hotel was acceptable, look for reviews and don't forget to review the place yourself after your stay is over.

Plan for pesky taxi driver, look for the price per ​kilometre and calculate how much you may have to pay (you can use an app for that). Many taxi drivers, especially in this corner of the world, have a habit to haggle with their customers over the price of a cab drive (asking for a receipt usually knocks this haggling back down to a normal price). Prepare yourself for this eventuality and don;t let rude cabbies out you off your Turkish vacation off track. 

The Blue Mosque of Istanbul – one of the cultural landmarks of Turkey and a stunning sight indeed.

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Teaming up with Friends: the More, the Merrier

Going to Turkey alone is not a good idea from multiple points of view. If you prefer the single traveller experience, have at it, but here are a few good reasons to call your friends before you plan your journey to the star and crescent nation:

  • You can avoid uncomfortable situations. Not many people that go to Turkey actually know Turkish. No matter how vexed you become through the conversation guide, you are bound to ask someone some weird sounding question. Now, if you’re alone, the other person may be completely baffled searching for an answer. If you’re in a group, maybe all your efforts combined will convey the appropriate meaning of your words. Or maybe one of you actually knows Turkish.
  • You’ll get off cheaper in the long run. Companies offering their Turkey tourism services to you may also give discounts depending on the number of people in your group. Therefore, figure out a way to make your stay a more pleasant one with friends.
  • It will most definitely be more fun. It’s incredibly relaxing to go on your trip alone. However, if you’re planning on having fun, you’re better of having a couple or more friends along. Invite them over one night, talk about your plans, go through the decision-making process above and settle on what exactly you’ll be doing on your Turkey vacations. Such a culturally enriching experience as this should definitely be shared.

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5 Reasons for Choosing a Gulet instead of a Cruise Liner

Choosing a gulet trip across the Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas is a really good idea for your vacation in Turkey. Companies such as Salamander Voyages offer this service for an incredible price to all who choose Turkey tourism offers. 

Still, a lot of people don’t see why they should go for a gulet instead of a cruise ship. We’re here with a few advantages to the former:

  • It's cosier. No more big rooms, no more restaurants, no more noise, chatter, or loud music. It's just you and the sea.
  • It's more private. Typical gulets like the Salamander only fit up to 12 people on board. This makes for a far more serene voyage. Another good reason to go on your Turkey vacations with friends.
  • It's far cheaper. Even in mid-season, hiring a gulet is far cheaper than a cruise ship. Some even say that you get more for less - we'll let you decide.
  • Going off-season can get you a discount. Early-season discounts can go to as much as 15%, late-season discounts also go pretty high.
  • The cabins are superb. Not only that, but they also come equipped with snorkelling, windsurfing, and canoe gear. You also get your own private chef.

Nothing beats cruising atop the Mediterranean blue while its waves gently lull the setting sun to sleep.

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To-Dos before Embarking on Your Journey

Getting ready for a long trip to your Turkey vacations is an important step that many adventurous tourists and travellers often overlook. Some people tend to think that once the hotel is booked, the flight tickets bought, and the itinerary compiled, everything is already done and the next step is to sit back, unwind, and wait for adventure.

The goal is to get a good grip on the situation and make your trip to Turkey one to remember. A couple of mandatory to-dos are in order.

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Creating a Checklist

Make a checklist of the things to do before you leave your area of comfort and engage in the wild adventure of a Turkey excursion. This list should contain mandatory tasks that you need to complete: not just getting ready for the trip to come, but making sure everything back at home is safe. Therefore, you’ll need to:

  • ​Take care of your dog. Make sure your dog, or any other pets you might have are accounted for. You can either leave it/them with a neighbour, have someone come over daily to change its/their water and give them food, or you can take them to one of your relatives for the time you'll be out and about.
  • Make sure the house is in order. The windows must be closed, the lights must be out, the fire alarm must be on, the burglar alarm must be armed, and all objects that your pets could destroy must be out of reach.
  • Leave a spare key to a trusted neighbour. Just in case anything happens, someone in your vicinity should have a spare key to your house. this is the smart thing to do, so make sure you have someone who can handle that responsibility.
  • Leave a copy of your Turkey vacation details. You can leave this also with a neighbour or with a loved one. If anyone needs to contact you they'll know where to find you (in the odd case that you can't answer your own phone).
  • Make sure your car is in order. before you go on to the airport, you're going to need your car. Now, you can either apply for airport parking, or you can take a cab. If you have a lot of time to drive, the latter option is pretty much out the question. In this case, check your car before you set off. You need to be prepared and account for anything.

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Packing the Essentials

The time has come for packing tips for when you’re on the road. No matter whether this road is a driveway or an airway, you should always have the following things with you, just in case.

  • ​Water. It's definitely one of the most overlooked things. if you're out on a hot, dry summer's day, you're going to want to stay hydrated. Bring water bottles for every member of your party and a few extra bottles just to make sure.
  • Carry-on bag. A necessity for long distance voyages. Fill your bag with everything you think you're going to need: a novel, snacks, water, your phone charger, etc.
  • Snacks. it's also a good tip to have something to snack on. For those that typically get motion sickness, crackers are a good option. Mint candies and lemons are musts in that case.
  • Sanitary wiper. There are literally countless situations in which these will come in handy, No need for explanations here.
  • Blanket and pillow. If you like to sleep on the aeroplane, these are good to have. Eye masks and noise cancelling headphones are also advised.

Soaring high up above the clouds can be a breath-taking experience. Don’t let it be ruined by other flyers.

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Getting Ready for the Flight

Flying is one of humanity’s greatest achievements. That’s unless you count the number of things that may go wrong while you’re on board a plane. Things like overly-talkative neighbours, screaming children, messy passengers, or simply the wonder of aeroplane sickness. The following list of things to do will make sure you avoid at least those problems that can be avoided:

  • ​Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Bring a lot of music to listen to.
  • Bring a tablet with a few downloaded episodes on Netflix.
  • Bring something to read.
  • Stretch and walk around on 4 hour+ flights.
  • Bring meds to soothe headaches.
  • Sleep well before departing, you may not get to once you leave.
  • Find out what food they’ll be serving.
  • Bring gum to mask any uncanny smells.

We truly hope our advice will come in handy. Don’t forget also to pack the things from the previous point on this guide to Turkey vacations. Those noise cancelling headphones, eye mask, and pillow will definitely come in handy.

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How to Make the Most of Your Vacation

Now that we’ve covered your departure, it’s time we talked a bit more about Turkey. After all, that’s where you’ve decided to spend this break! Turkey vacations come with a lot of brilliant things to do, places to be, and sights to behold. We do recommend you do all of these things together. A consistent plan for visiting this beautiful country will account for all possible things to do while you’re there. A few ideas:

  • Get acquainted with the culture. Visit museums, visit mosques, bask in Taksim Square – there are too many culturally enriching things to do on Turkey tours to not do any of them.
  • Go on to multiple cities during your stay. In a country as vast as Turkey is, it’s a great pity to limit yourself to visiting just one city. We duly recommend spending time in at least two or three, time and money permitting.

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A trip to Cappadocia to see the hot-air-balloons rising is a must-do when you go to Turkey.

Best Places to Visit in Turkey - Immerse Yourself in Turkish Culture

In case you are out of ideas – rejoice! We’re here with the top suggestions of the locations you should go to and the things you should see and do there. Like many other people in the Western world picturing Turkey, you probably think of Istanbul and barren landscapes. Actually, geographically speaking, the Turkish land is very diverse. As proof of this, check out these cool places:

  • Side. You can find everything you like about Turkey here: history, art and the deep blue sea, all mixed with a singularity of beauty. Side is a fascinating town, cantered around a giant Greek amphitheatre, a must see for all visitors.
  • Cappadocia. A land of mysticism and incredible beauty, Cappadocia is riddled with geological formation in the strangest of shapes. The sights in this Central Anatolia location are simply stunning. The perfect place for photos to impress your Facebook friends.
  • Ephesus. Immerse yourself in humanity's nostalgia by paying homage to this incredible sight - Ephesus. A place on the shore of the Aegean Sea inhabited for thousands of years. One of the largest cities of the Roman Empire, this pre-Christ-era metropolis was home to the Temple of Artemis - one of the wonders of the ancient world. If you go there now, you can still see the ruins of this great monument.
  • Bodrum. This city is not just home to one of the best gulets in the whole of Turkey, It also has another wonder of the ancient world: the Mausoleum; and a castle of the Hospitaller Knights, St. Peter. Both of these locations are worth checking out.
  • Istanbul. The obvious number one on our list, Istanbul is fascinating not only on account of its rich Turkish culture but also because of its history. You may know that once upon a time this city was once the capital of the Byzantine Empire. Of course, after it was conquered by the Ottomans, it became their capital too. The merger of these two cultures has yielded some of the most fascinating cities on the face of the Earth.

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Water Activities for all Ages

If you’ve had enough of Turkish culture and landscapes and simply want to have some genuine fun, there’s plenty of it for you. Here are a few cool water activities to try while at a seaside resort in Turkey:

  • Snorkelling in the Aegean. Renowned for its brilliant blue waters, the Aegean Sea is the perfect place for a bit of snorkelling.
  • Scuba-diving like pros. Going deeper into the sea is an even better idea - try some scuba diving, you won't regret it.
  • Sailing on a boat. No matter whether you choose a cruise ship, a gulet, or a small yacht, your heart will be rushing with adrenaline while you sail over the calm Mediterranean.
  • Windsurfing. One of the most pleasurable activities to do while in Turkey. The calm breeze of the coast will fly you over the water in a dreamlike and surreal motion.

Sunset over Istanbul. The bright summer light slowly fades over the age-old streets.

This concludes our short guide to Turkey vacations. Have you any suggestion? If you have any ideas for places where tourists would love to go, please let us know! Maybe you’ll give future travellers some new and exciting ideas for their Turkey vacations.

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