Benefits of Recreational Boating Tourism

24. February 2016 Travel Tips 0
Benefits of Recreational Boating Tourism

The recreational boating and tourism industry in Europe has a rich heritage and has always been a fast-moving, competitive sector. With around 6.3m boats spread across over 70,000km of coastline, the geography of the continent lends itself well to marine activity, and it’s showing. A predicted compound annual growth rate of 8.5% for the next five years means that in 2017 the industry is expected to be worth £20bn. So what’s the secret behind such growth? There is a wealth of reasons that fall into three categories: contribution to the economy, bringing people together, and improving health.


In brief:

  • The industry is expected to be worth £20.19bn by 2017
  • 180,000 people are employed in marine activity related jobs in Europe
  • The total European coastline stretches to more than 70,000km
  • Every year in the UK 541,000 leisure boats contribute a minimum of £1.3bn the economy
  • Activities like saltwater angling bring people and families together
  • Water sports like canoeing, windsurfing and water skiing contribute to physical and mental health

Check out the full list of benefits below, and see why you should consider getting out onto the water this year!

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