A Complete Guide: Preparing for a Gulet Cruise

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A Complete Guide: Preparing for a Gulet Cruise

This is the most in-depth guide to voyaging ever! In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about the process from packing for a voyage to activities that take place during the voyage. We'll also offer advice and tips that can be useful during your trip.

Over the years the amount of families and groups going on voyages have been on a steady incline, however recently we have been receiving inquires from first time voyagers about not knowing what to bring alone and tips that'll make their trip more enjoyable. Hence we created this guide to act as a check list/guide go enjoying an making the best of your voyage.​


Research You Vessel

This first thing anyone going on a cruise should do is to research the vehicle you are going to be on. It is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the vessel that is going to be transporting you. 

Your Host Country

​Before traveling to a new country it is always a good idea to learn about their laws and customs. Travel magazines and and travel websites can give you all the information you need to get you on your way. Depending on the travel website they might even give you advice on the items you can not bring with you into the country.

It is also a good idea to get your passport and visa up to a month before you travel, this just eliminates the chances of last minute hiccups. ​

What to Pack

The various activities available to you on your chosen Gulet Cruise would be listed on the website or brochure. However the bare essentials are; Swimming Costume, Swimming towel, T-shirts and Shorts for when you have to go in shore, Suitable footwear (flip-flops when on board and appropriate footwear for exploring off board), and suitable evening wear for dinners.

There are also other essentials to remember for your trip like sun cream and body moisturizer, conditioner and hair spray (if needed) and other make up needs for the ladies. ​

Depending on the purpose of your cruise you might decide to catch up on some reading in your down time ​so don't forget your favorite books!

Shop Early

Summer is the peak season for cruises so it is always advisable to book your ticket well in advance. An appropriate time to inquire and book your holiday would be in the winter months, its a good time to get package deals that would be unavailable in the summer months.

Doing this in the winter months also leaves you enough time to compare packages and itineraries from various charter companies​.

You should remember that there are other things to consider before booking your cruise so do not concentrate on just the discounts​. If you compare a charter company that doesn't offer any discount and a company that offers super deals the charter with no discounts is bound to be better than the one with big discounts.


​So in conclusion to enjoy the most of your Gulet holiday you should plan well in advance, it'll reduce stress and last minute mistakes like forgetting important things (Passport, Shoes etc).

You should also remember not to book a charter company solely based on availability, who wants to go on holiday and complain about the quality of the cuisine or activities? 

And finally remember to bring some extra cash! There are a various things that can happen whilst on holiday and being in a foreign country and on a boat for that matter means you don't have ready access to your back account. ​

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